The 77 year-old Murmansk Puppet Theatre was established August 1933 in Khibinogorsk (now known as Kirovsk). The Founders were V. A. Podobedov and some young actors from Leningrad. By 1938 the Theatre gained regional status, and by 1946 it was moved to Murmansk. In different years, cooperators of the theatre have been: honored art representative of the RSFSR professor M.M. Korolev, laureate RF Gov. Premium V.A. Volhovski, Reign Augur, V. Shraiman, and M. Husede.

The Murmansk puppeteers have toured to St. Petersburg, Archangelsk, Vologda, Petrozavodsk and to the countries Estonia, Ukraine, The Republic of Belarus, Scandinavia and Holland.

The Theatre has unchanging participation in all international puppet forum countries of the Barents Euro-Artic region (Oulu, Rovaniemi- Finland; Kalix, Umea- Sweden; Murmansk, Petrozavodsk- Russia).

Murmansk plays have been presented at international puppet theatre festivals in Ivanovo (The Ant Hill), Archangelsk (The Snail), Volgograd (The Silver Sturgeon), Minsk (The Golden Knight), Galle (Germany), Subotica (Serbia), Groningen (Holland), Kinkiness, Stamsund (Norway) etc.

Since 1992 the theatre director has been T.A. Volynkina, a national actress of Russia. Theatre repertoire consists of plays based on Russian fairy tales, lays by modern authors (E. Uspenski, M. Bartenev, A.Usachev, M. Suponene), artistic compositions by great storytellers of the world: W. Hauff, G. Rodari, H. C. Anderson, Z. Topelius, T. Enguera.

Recently the Theatre is planning a production on fairy tales by L. Ulitskaya, S. Sedov, K. I. Chukovsky and pieces from foreign writers E. Loe and E. E. Schmitt.

The Murmansk Puppet Theatre, in its work, has changelessly strived to show plays opening to children and adults what are most important, needed and what cannot be done without; that is the ability to hold the attention of viewers from 5 to 100 years old.